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Kangxi Tongbao is a coin of Qing Dynasty, which was coined in the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722). "Kangxi Tongbao" is a direct reading of the real book.



[collection name]: Kangxi Tongbao


Class: Coins


Emperor Kangxi ordered Xuanye, born in the 11th year of Shunzhi (May 4, 1654), to reign for 61 years. He was the longest emperor in Chinese history. In the first year of Kangxi (1662), the Qing government ordered to stop casting the money of "Tongbao of Shunzhi" of the previous generation, and to change it to "Tongbao of Kangxi". It also stipulated that in the future, the system of casting money would be the same for all successors who changed their positions. Throughout the Kangxi Dynasty, a total of 24 money casting bureaus, large and small, were set up throughout the country. Due to the influence of smelting cost and coin private casting at that time, each article Kangxi coin once weighed one quarter, one dollar and seven cents respectively, which resulted in three kinds of "Kangxi Tongbao" coins of different weights that we see today: large, medium and small. In Kangxi, he read the regular script on the face of Baowen directly and memorized the Bureau, which was divided into "Manchu" and "Manchu Chinese". The Manchu money imitated the "four forms of Shunzhi". The left reading of "Baoquan" and "Baoyuan" on the back of the Manchu money was made by the two departments of household and industry. In Manchu and Chinese, Qian imitates "Shunzhi five styles", with "treasure" in Manchu on the left and "bureau name" in Chinese on the right. For the convenience of collection and research, later generations compiled the Bureau names of Manchu and Han Dynasties, forming a rhyming and smooth Kangxi Qian "reciting poems". Shiyun: with Fulin Dongjiang, Xuanyuan sujichang. Nanhe, Ningguang, Zhejiang, Taigui, Shaan, Yunzhang. In this poem, the money of "Kangxi Tongbao" is included in the twenty rounds of Chinese. Therefore, some people call Kangxi's set of money "poetry and prose 20 grades".

此组“康熙通宝”,由宝河局所造,外圆内方,钱币正面以楷书书写“康熙通宝”四字,字体刚劲有力,从上而下而右而左直读,中间有方孔。背面左右用满文写有钱局的名称,即满文字体“宝河”二字。其为圆形方孔的铜币,形状外发天,内地法,取义精宏。观其图,造型圆润端庄,字迹清晰深俊,包浆浑厚。整体印制规整,钱型厚重,文字美观大方,币面书法笔力挺拔秀美,工笔雕刻细腻,古朴大气,是康熙年间钱币铸造的精品,彰显出独树一帜的气貌,极具历史收藏价值与市场价值。 康熙钱。但是至今我们仅见有“巩”、“西”两字,其它尚未见到实物,目前对此还有一定的争议。康熙通宝还有俗称的罗汉钱,相传是年羹尧熔黄金罗汉所铸,色泽呈金黄色,康熙的熙字较通俗写法少一竖。其中有背大清及龙凤纹饰的宫钱,为收藏家所钟爱。另有福建宝福局于康熙60大寿时起铸有背穿干支的贺寿钱,每年一品,直至1722年康熙帝晏驾,一共十年,共得十品,存世罕见。另有雕母,样钱流世,均为当今至为珍稀的品种。

This group of "Kangxi Tongbao", made by Baohe Bureau, is round on the outside and square on the inside. On the front of the coin, the four characters of "Kangxi Tongbao" are written in regular script. The characters are strong and forceful. They are read directly from top to bottom, right to left, and there are square holes in the middle. On the back left and right, write the name of the rich Bureau in Manchu, that is, the word "Baohe" in Manchu. It is a copper coin with a round square hole, with the shape of the outer heaven and the inner law. It takes the meaning of Jinghong. Looking at the picture, the shape is round and dignified, the handwriting is clear and deep, and the paste is thick. The overall printing is regular, the money type is heavy, the writing is beautiful and generous, the calligraphy on the coin surface is straight and beautiful, the fine brushwork carving is exquisite, simple and atmospheric, it is a fine coin casting in the Kangxi period, showing a unique appearance, with great historical collection value and market value. Kangxi money. But up to now, we have only seen the words "Gong" and "Xi", and we haven't seen any other material objects, which is still controversial. Kangxi Tongbao is also known as luohanqian. It's said that it was made by niangyao melting gold and Luohan. Its color is golden. The Xizi of Kangxi is less than that of popular writing. Among them, there are palace coins with dragon and phoenix patterns on their backs, which are loved by collectors. In addition, Fujian Baofu bureau began to cast the money for congratulating the birthday of Kangxi at the 60th birthday. It was one product a year until Yanjia, emperor of Kangxi in 1722. It was ten years in total and ten products were obtained, which is rare in the world. Another sculptor, like qianliushi, are the most precious varieties today.



In the sixty first year of Emperor Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty, because the social politics was relatively stable, the economy was developing rapidly, the commodity exchange and monetary economy were also very developed, so the coins of the Kangxi Dynasty were made very beautifully, most of them were very regular, the type of money was heavy, the characters were beautiful and generous, and the amount of money was huge, and the life was very rich.



Kangxi Tongbao, coins of the Qing Dynasty, was cast in the reign of Kangxi, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. The layout of Kangxi Tongbao is numerous, and it has been sought after by all generations of Quanyou. Kangxi Tongbao, as the name implies, is a currency that was cast and circulated in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Kangxi, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1662-1722). As one of the ancient coins in China, Kangxi Tongbao is of great archaeological value. At that time, the social order was relatively stable, the economy developed rapidly, the trade was frequent all over the world, and the monetary economy was also very developed. Therefore, the coins of Kangxi period are usually made very delicate, mostly very regular, with heavy money type and beautiful and generous characters. Therefore, Tongbao of Kangxi also has certain artistic value.







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